Chen Meiri – List of publications


  1. Liam Hanany, Chen Meiri and Doron Puder, Some Orbits of Free Words that are Determined by Measures on Finite Groups, J. Algebra 555 (2020), 305–324. arXiv:1908.03801.
  2. Nir Avni, Alexander Lubotzky and Chen Meiri, First order rigidity of non-uniform higher rank arithmetic lattices, Invent. Math. 217 (2019), 219–240. arXiv:1709.02766.
  3. Nir Avni and Chen Meiri, Words have bounded width in SL(n,Z), Compos. Math. 155 (2019), 1245–1258. arXiv:1801.03887.
  4. Chen Meiri and Doron Puder with an appendix by Dan Carmon, The Markoff Group of Transformations  in Prime and Composite Moduli, Duke Math. J. 167 (2018), no. 14, 2679–2720. arXiv:1702.08358.
  5. Chen Meiri, Generating pairs for finite index subgroups of SL(n,Z)J. Algebra 470 (2017), 420–424. arXiv:1511.07798.
  6. Chen Meiri, On the non-amenability of the reflective quotient 1: The rational caseIsrael J. Math. 219 (2017), no. 2, 903–916. arXiv:1401.7708.
  7. Tsachik Gelander and Chen Meiri, The Congruence Subgroup Property does not imply Invariable Generation, Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN (2017), no. 15, 4625–4638. arXiv:1505.06881.
  8. Tsachik Gelander and Chen Meiri, Maximal subgroups of SL(n,Z), Transform. Groups 21 (2016), no. 4, 1063–1078. arXiv:1511.05767.
  9. Elena Fuchs, Chen Meiri and Peter Sarnak, Hyperbolic monodromy groups for the hypergeometric equation and Cartan involutions, J. Eur. Math. Soc., 16 (2014), no. 8, 1617–1671. arXiv:1305.0729.
  10. Emmanuel Breuillard, Yves Cornulier, Alexander Lubotzky and Chen Meiri, On conjugacy growth of linear groups, Math. Proc. Cambridge Philos. Soc. 154 (2013), no. 2, 261–277. arXiv:1106.4773.
  11. Alexander Lubotzky and Chen Meiri, Sieve methods in group theory 3: Aut(F_n), Internat. J. Algebra Comput., 22 (2012), no. 7, 8 pp. arXiv:1106.4637.
  12. Alexander Lubotzky and Chen Meiri, Sieve methods in group theory 2: The mapping class groupGeom. Dedicata, 159 (2012), 327–336. arXiv:1104.2450.
  13. Alexander Lubotzky and Chen Meiri, Sieve methods in group theory 1: Powers in linear groupsJ. Amer. Math. Soc., 25 (2012), no. 4, 1119–1148. arXiv:1107.3666.


  1. Nir Avni and Chen Meiri, Is being a higher rank lattice a first order property?. arXiv:2010.07970.
  2. Nir Avni and Chen Meiri, On the model theory of higher rank arithmetic groups. arXiv:2008.01793.

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